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Testimonials of our Customers...

Testimonials - Why Noble Soft. is the choice of our Customers!

Testimonials # 1

 I have gone through the standard procedure of trying different web hosting companies, and I have never been quite satisfied up until I discovered your services. Your technical support team is by far the best I have ever seen. Every time I have submitted a question I have received solutions which were more than up to my expectations within 30 minutes. It is this and the great hosting you offer at an excellent cost that I look forward to launching my upcoming future websites with you and will refer you to any and all who are looking for a hosting company. Thank you.

Abdul Aziz

Testimonials # 2

 I just switched over a day ago and boy...I should have done this L O N G ago. You guys are INCREDIBLE!!! I can do everything but pat the roof (even though I am not too sure what it is I am now able to do). I am bringing my other site over, and have a friend who has me designing for him and YUP! You guessed it, I'm bringing him over as well. Thanks!!!


Testimonials # 3

 You guys are incredible. I currently have around 5 accounts with you and I am extremely satisfied. You have excellent customer service and great products. I've tried many other servers and they prove to be like the stock market (crashing every other day). Although, you guys are great. If I could pick one work to describe you it would be "reliable". Keep up the excellent work.

Hatim Al-Sabban

Testimonials # 4

 In the process of setting up my new account at noblesoft, I spoke with several different techs that assisted me in the process. At the close of each conversation, I was invited to call the tech again if need be. They even provided their first and last name and extension numbers and called me back twice! That may not be unusual at noblesoft, but you see, in the last year of service at my previous host. I was not able to speak with one single tech even though I must have attempted to establish phone contact with FP many times.

Thanks noblesoft, for what I consider a luxury and what noblesoft, appears to consider a normal part of daily business. I hope this philosophy of quality customer service at noblesoft, never changes.

Testimonials # 5

 Wow guys. I am a new customer, and very pleased with what I have seen so far. I have a few other websites on different Web hosts and did not realize a company like noblesoft even existed. With terrible service around ever other corner, you guys are a breath of fresh air. EVERY Web host I have reviewed has the same selling points on their websites as you, but none have actually been true until now. Excellent service, Excellent KB system, Excellent Control Panel interface, Excellent add-on features, Excellent prices. I will refer every one I can to you.

Thanks,  Shanker


Testimonials # 6


Now I see why you are rated #1 provider by customers. Your tools are great. I'm a web rookie, and I was able to utilize your tools and upload our site in a matter of minutes. Your documentation is great and your response times are excellent, and your costs minimal. I was even able to set up my email account on outlook myself.

I'll definitely recommend your services to every one I meet who needs web hosting. Thanks a bunch.



Testimonials # 7

 I am very impressed with how fast you get back to me, I feel great knowing that I can e-mail you with a problem and know that I will receive a response within minutes.



Testimonials # 8

 I'm very impressed with your fast and personal service. It makes me very confident doing business with you.



Testimonials # 9

 Thank you! I just wanted to let you know, I will recommend you to everyone! You have the best customer support

Karen Vitella


Testimonials # 10

 Thank you for your quick and helpful response. I'm very glad that I chose your company for my website.