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Referral Program

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Our Refer Program gives you a way to earn big incentives when you refer Friends & Family.

                Whether you are hosting customer at Noble Soft Online, you qualify for the Noble Soft. Online Referral Program. How does it work? Its very easy. We want you to refer your friends, family and others to us, and we are going to PAY YOU to do it! So here is how it works. For each customer you refer to us, you will receive either credit to apply to your hosting here at Noble Soft. Online, or a check made payable to you! Its your choice. Here are the referral rates as follows:

               Receive 10% commission* on the every hosting package, 10% commission* on the every domain name registration and 10% commission* on the every all our other services, you refer with no up-front costs, live 24x7 end-user support, billing services and order fulfillment.

                Our sound financial position and over four  years of web solution expertise means you get the peace of mind that comes from offering your customers reliable, powerful web hosting and it needs.

               So now you are probably wondering how you let us know that you referred someone so you can get your cash! Well, that's easy too. You can either just drop us an email at and let us know before the person you are referring is going to order, or you can have the person you are referring mention your name in the comments box on the order form. That's it, a simple way to earn some extra cash!!

Referral Agent Programs - FAQ

1. Are there any catches?

Well there is one, the person you refer has to stay with us for at least one year (we think this is rather obvious) for you to get your referral fee. The referral must be a regular priced package (ie specials and discounts don't apply to referrals), and  other then that, there are no catches.

2. Can I refer myself?
Sure! Once you are Noble Soft. Customer you can refer yourself for any or all future accounts. 

3. When do I get paid ?
After the person you referred has been with us for 1 year  we will either credit you for your referral fee (you can use towards your hosting at Noble Soft) or you can request a check be mailed to you and we will mail it right away!

4. Is there a limit to how many people I can refer?
No, the only limit would be the physical space of the Noble Soft., Obviously if we are all full and not accepting any new customers we would have to discontinue the referral program, but other then that, there are no limits to the number of people you can refer.

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