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Networking & Computer Support

              Whether you're a Fortune 100 company or a small start-up, there are times when you need outside help with your network and computers. Our engineers work on everything from multi-site rollouts of hundreds of computers to desktop printing issues and everything in between.

              No more wasting your time on new equipment setups or frustrating computer problems. We offers service on PCs and servers including Windows NT or Server 2000 and Novell. With us you will get the skilled staff you need when you need it without paying for vacations or benefits and without the hassle of rehiring when employees leave.

             And when it's time to purchase new hardware or software, call us. We represent over thousand manufacturers, so you only have to make one call and you don't have to shop around. We're also certified in a variety of additional technologies from cabling to configuration.

Network Upgrade:
It's a lot like remodeling your network. The downtime and expense can be a little daunting, but in the end the increased productivity makes it worth every penny. Still, a poorly planned, poorly managed network overhaul can send your company into chaos. That's why we developed upgrade solutions, a comprehensive approach to system upgrades.

           Modern networks have grown so complicated and interdependent that upgrading one server can cause havoc with a hundred other systems. So we do a detailed network diagnostic before every project. We look at the systems and people that will be affected by the project and anticipate the problems before they become problems in the first place.

          We start with industry accepted standards for project management and production. Then we go one better and add follow-up visits for training and post-project changes. And it's all designed with these principles in mind - limit your company's downtime, minimize the disruption to your staff, and leave you with a new network that will keep your company growing for years to come.

          We realize it's difficult for you to set aside the time for technology planning - everything changes so quickly that it's tough to keep up. But spending a few hours with an expert our consultant will save you weeks of research on your own, and will prepare your business for the future. We'll help you create a strategy designed just for your business.
Our pro active solutions plan even includes free Virtual CIO meetings with our Representative - which means that you can be on the cutting edge eve
n if you don't have the time to study the latest technology trends.

Kindly note that our above services are right now available only at Bombay India & Jeddah K.S.A.

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