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Date Center

Data Center - USA   &  Data Center - India

     Data Center in USA:

           Noble Soft. Online currently operates two data centers located in Chicago and Bombay. Our state-of-the-art data centers are

  • Strategically located in areas of low or no occurrence of natural disasters and hubs of the Internet backbone.

  • The data centers are equipped with the best of the breed security systems and under constant surveillance for the maximum physical security.

  • Noble Soft. Online data centers include fully redundant and diverse connections to the Internet backbone through multiple OC-3s and GigE connections to each of our international locations. This ensures the fastest and the most reliable connectivity service to our hosting customers.

Fastest and the most reliable connectivity service to our hosting customers.

  • The constant climate control is accomplished with computer controlled HVAC systems with back-up systems on stand-by. The power is routed through UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supplies) for protection against power failures and interruptions.

Hassle-free 24x7 operation of  web sites.

  • Noble Soft. Online data centers are under constant watch by our dedicated systems and network engineering team members who work together to ensure smooth and hassle-free 24x7 operation of our customers web sites.

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    Data Center in India:

Data Center in India.

VSNL is India's largest Datacenter and ISP in terms of Bandwidth and subscriber base.

Almost all of India's International Bandwidth (totalling to over 800 MBps) comes through VSNL. All other ISPs and Datacenters currently peer with VSNL for their bandwidth. This makes VSNL the most suitable datacenter for hosting content in India since it allows the content to be closest to all users in India. Even access from other countries to servers in India is quite fast as compared to other ISPs in India. All in all VSNL offers the fastest hosting option for content in India.

VSNL has structured diverse data cabling paths to all server racks, and all servers receive conditioned power and 24-hour individual monitoring. They are housed in the Vashi CIDCO Complex Bombay, which maintains enough redundant power to run a tiny city.

VSNL is well connected. It has fibre running to 46 different countries with a total bandwidth of 800 MBps. Redundant connections ensure that Internet connectivity is available at all times

To guard against line failure or intrusion, the data center is staffed 24 hours a day and monitored by a comprehensive security system incorporating biometric hand-scanning for strict access control. There is 24 hour video surveillance with as many as 8-10 cameras in a single room to monitor every activity.

The data center includes 24-hour round-robin HVAC in an (n+1) architecture to maintain an optimal computer server environment. The temperature is maintained at all times.

Networking Equipment
All servers in the data center are placed on Cisco Enterprise switches running HSRP (hot failover) to ensure that information is transmitted to and from the server in the fastest way possible. Additionally, connecting the web server to a switch is significantly more secure than connecting it to a hub because packets are actively routed only across authorized channels.

Most Indian companies until now were hosting their content with datacenters in the US. Now with a local hosting option the same web site can be hosted in India to achieve almost 6 times faster speeds for local Customers.

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